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Flexible stone

flexible stone

Flexible stone Delap for creative people

Be creative
with Delapflexible stone
  • Easy to apply on the corners and columns.
  • No special equipment,
    only scissors and glue.
  • Fast, easy, practical, and...
    very effective!

How can you use Delap flexible stone in creative projects?

  • Decorate
    the flowerpots
  • Create
    fantastic panels, artworks
  • Decorate
    your walls
Moreover, a 1000 and 1 ideas are waiting for the realization!

Are you lit up the idea to try Delap flexible stone in the case?
Would you like to know more about this natural, practical, and beautiful material?

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We will consult and share the creative ideas!
In addition, if you would like to share your creative examples of using Delap flexible stone
with us, make sure to send them to us.
Top photos will be posted in the Gallery on our website!